Organic iodine compound, iodine content — 7-10%

Yodkazeine  a source of organic iodine
Iodine  essential micro-element which as a part of thyroid hormones ensures normal functioning of the entire body.

Selenoxaten with content of selenium 22.8-23.9%

Selexen  antioxidant containing organic selenium
Selexen is a compound of selenium and xanthene  a natural antioxidant, a part of vitamin E and bioflavonoids. Compared to non-organic selenium compounds, Selexen doesn’t cause any side effects and is very low-toxic.

Extract of Dahurian (Siberian) larch with content of taxifolin 90±5%

Flavotsen  a source of bioflavonoids.
Bioflavonoids  biologically active natural substances with expresses antioxidant properties. Taxifolin is a bioflavonoid notable for its high P-vitamin activity (capillary strengthening), at the same time resistant to high temperatures and doesnt decompose when stored for a long period.