History of achievements

Medbiopharm company was founded in 1998 by the scientist-enthusiasts from the Medical Radiological Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, studying medical consequences of Chernobyl disaster. Being aware that iodine insufficiency played role just as significant in damaging health of the population as the direct radioactive contamination (thyroid made up for a deficiency in normal iodine by radioactive iodine), the company began its business activity from the development of iodine-treated milk protein — a substance for mass preventive treatment for diseases associated with iodine insufficiency, which was widely distributed within the territory of Kaluga region and other regions of the Russian Federation. New organic iodine-containing additive owing to its physical, chemical and processing properties was suitable for use in the commercial food production without losing its efficiency, including for mass consumers, and was named “Yodkazein”.

The medical substance development is only a start. From 1999 until 2002 the technology for commercial production of Yodkazein was up and running, methods for identification of small quantities of iodine in food products and raw materials was developed and certified, and the company’s own control and analytical laboratory was organized. During the period between 2001 and 2002 large-scale population tests of Yodkazein were conducted. Following the results of these tests methodological recommendations from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with regard to Yodkazein application were approved for prevention of iodine insufficiency.

Starting from 2001 some new original functional substances started to appear in the company portfolio. For several years the company was engaged in the development and production of preventive treatment additives for elimination of selenium and iron insufficiency, research of the natural and synthesis of new antioxidants and substances, protecting the body from negative impact of the environment and various factors (radiation, alcohol, nicotine and so on).

Today around 500 companies in Russia and CIS countries produce functional goods with our additives. Biologically active food additive, enriched bread, milk and other products were more than once awarded diplomas of the competition 100 Best Russian products and specialized exhibitions. Product biologically active additive Iodine-Active (tableted form of Yodkazein, Diod OJSC) was awarded with the I.I. Mechnikov Gold Medal For practical contribution to public health from RAEN (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences).

In 2010 the Research and Production Company Medbiopharm was awarded the gold medal 100 Best Russian Companies and Organizations in the field of Innovations and Scientific Developments.

The company is the winner of the All-Russian competition Best Russian Companies. Dynamics, Effectiveness, Responsibility-2011 in the nomination For sustainable development dynamics of the organization

Today the Research and Production Company Medbiopharm is a part of the bio-pharmaceutical Active Molecules Park Competence Alliance  a partnership created in order to assist scientists-innovators to pass through all stages required to turn an innovative idea into a commercial product. Medbiopharm closely cooperates with Agency for innovation development  center for cluster development of Kaluga region OJSC, State Entrepreneurship Support Foundation of Kaluga Region and other development institutions in Russia and abroad.