Organoselenium Compounds: A New Generation of Radioprotectors.

Авторы:  A. Kunwar, K. I. Priyadarsini, V. K. Jain
Год:  2011
Издание:  BARC Newsletter, №319, p. 1-7
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Exposure of living organisms to ionizing radiation can cause health hazards and radioprotectors are employed to minimize such unwanted effects. Over the years a number of sulfhydryl compounds have been examined for radioprotection and only one agent, amifostine, is approved in the clinic. Selenium, a higher analogue of sulfur, is a micronutrient and a constituent of redox enzymes like glutathione peroxidase (GPx). With an aim to develop less toxic, GPx active, organoselenium compounds, as potential radioprotectors, we initiated a programme on synthesis and radioprotection studies of organoselenium compounds. In this article, the current status of research on selenium compounds as radioprotectors is presented.