New russian food additive iodcasein can help the humankind to win the battle against the iodine deficiency disorders.

Авторы:  Tsyb A.F., Roziev R.A., Goncharova A.Y., Grigoriev A.N., Bozadjiev L.L., Klepov A.N., Skvortsov V.G., Podgorodnichenko V.K., Tomchani O.V
Год:  28-30 September 1999
Издание:  Biothechnologies-99, Abstracts.-Pushchino, p.74-75.
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Iodine is a chemical element that is essential for the synthesis of the thyroid hormones which enable normal function a human body.
Scientific Productive Enterprise "Medbiopharm” developed new remedy for prophylactics of host iodine deficiency, it is "IODCASEIN".
Animal experiments carried out by researchers of the "Medbiopharm" say that IODCASEIN is completely applicable to elimination of host iodine deficiency. The extent of the assimilation of iodinated casein depends on individual iodine status. There is much accumulation of the additive in the case of host iodine deficiency, the accumulation is lower if the iodine status is normal.
Results of the studies show that IODCASEIN is practically safe and physiologically appropriate. Due to calculated amount of the bound iodine in the additive it is possible to dose precisely its content delivered to the food. The chemical stability of the compound does not change the taste and the odor of the final product. The properties of the IODCASEIN can be added to vitamin and mineral complexes, bread and bakeries, diary and children nutrition.
The food enriched with the IODCASEIN can be broadly and safely consumed by the population regardless the age of a consumer.