Use of new iodine-containing organic compound for prevention of euthyroid goiter

Авторы:  Shakhtarin V.V., A.F.Tsyb, I.V.Semenkova, G.M.Simakova, N.A.Belyakova, A.D.Proshin, V.N.Doroshchenko
Год:  2002
Издание:  Journal of Endocrinological Investigation
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First in goitre endemic territories three groups of patients with euthyroid goitre were selected. They were invited to take part in the study, informed consent was signed by all subjects (parents of children enrolled for the study signed the consent). Three controlled groups were formed. Two tablets of "Iod-activ" (equivalent to 100mcg of Iodine) was given to each patient every day for 9 months. The following results were obtained: median of urinary iodine concentration during the research period became into the norm limits. Thyroid volume during the research period decreased for all patients. In all groups level of TSH and FT4 did not change considerably in time of investigation, there was positive reduction of ABTG and ABTPO in blood.