Results of iodine deficiency prophylaxis in children of Tver

Авторы:  N. Belyakova, N.N. Kurochkin, D.V.Kileynikov, M.B. Lyasnikova
Год:  2002
Издание:  Siberian Medical Journal
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142 pupils of primary school  of two boarding school were examined to compare the efficacy of two methods of iodine deficiency prophylaxis. Before and 6 weeks after the beginning of iodine prophylaxis in all children following indices were determined: thyroid volume, ioduria (median), TTG in blood and thyreoglobilin antibodies titer. First group of children got in addition to iodized salt bans containing 92±12 mcg of iodine combined with protein casein, and the second one got only iodized salt. It was noted that Iodcasein intake leads to ioduria normalization after 6 weeks, and use of iodized salt almost did not change the level of urinary iodine excretion. Thus, Iodcasein intake can be recognized as alternative and efficient method of mass prophylaxis of Iodine deficiency.