Evaluation of effectiveness of new iodine containing organic compound for prevention of iodine deficiency

Авторы:  A.F.Tsyb, V.V.Shakhtarin, R.A.Roziev, I.V.Semenkova
Год:  2002
Издание:  Journal of Endocrinological Investigation.- 2002.- V.25, Suppl. to N7. P.93-94. P117
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Iodcasein (Patent N2151611) as food additive was registered in Russia. Three choices of the use of the baked products enriched with iodine were evaluated: rolls (60g, 92 mcg of iodine), white bread (100g of bread contained 92 mcg of iodine), brown and white bread (46 mcg of I in 100 g of bread). Morpho-functional analysis of thyroid status against consuming baked products enriched with iodcasein shows that there was positive dynamics: trend for normalisation of hormonal status was observed, reduction of thyroid abnormality incidence was observed.