Use of new iodine-containing organic compound

Авторы:  V. V. Shakhtarin, A. F. Tsyb, G. M. Simakova, N. A. Belyakova, A. D. Proshin, V. N. Doroshchenko
Год:  2003
Издание:  6th European Congress of Endocrinology, Lyon, France, 26-30 April 2003: Abstract book. Lyon, P0908
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According to ICCIDD, the incidence of goiter is directly proportional to the severity of iodine deficiency. Therefore, stable normalization of iodine provision in patients with euthyroid iodine-deficient goiter must be accompanied by resorption of the hyperplastic thyroid gland and improvement of the functional state of the hypophysial-thyroid system. In this report, the evaluation results of a new organic iodine compound for individual prophylaxis of iodine deficiency and iodine-deficient states are presented. Studies were conducted by three independent research groups. Two tablets of Iod-activ per day (equivalent to100 mcg iodine) were given to each participant. The patients were examined initially, 3, 6 and 9 months after the start of iodine deficiency prophylaxis. The following results were obtained: three independent studies have revealed positive morphofunctional dynamics of the development of euthyroid goiter against the background of using Iod-activ.